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Mar - 23 - 2011
H. Seneviratne

The Young Entrepreneurs Club of Trinity College was inaugurated in 2004. Since it’s inauguration it has reached greater heights. This program is conducted by the Young Entrepreneurs Sri Lanka founded by Junior Achievement, which is a non profit organization whose purpose is to educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise business and economics to improve the quality of their lives. Since the foundation in 1919 junior achievement has contributed to the business and economics education of young people in the United States and throughout the world.


First company that was formed in the Young Entrepreneurs club of Trinity College was TRI – UNITY Company

Vision – To be the champion among the champions in the junior achievement company program

Mission-To make money, more money and yeah of course experience

Board of Directors

Thilan kiridena – Managing Director

Charitha Dumbarage – Director Human Resources

Dilina Gunathilake – Director Finance

Rajeevan Kumarawel – Director Production

Imesh Kulasinghe – Director Marketing


College Caps

Bradby Souvenir T- Shirt

THE ROAR newsletter


In the year 2005 the young Entrepreneurs of Trinity College formed a company named TRI-LINE

Vision           – To be the best in the junior achievement company program

Our Mission – To give our members the first foothold on the step ladder of success

The Board of Directors

Ashan Goonawardena – Managing Director

Dilshan Vidanagamage -Director Marketing

Dineshka Seneviratne -Director Production

Dineth Gunathilaka -Director Finance

Eranga Alahakoon -Director Human Resources

Anoop Kapukotuwa -Company Secretary


N.C.G Batch T Shirts

Wrist Bands

Exercise Books with the College crest


In 2006 a company named Idees Creatives was formed

Vision –  To excel and gain first  hand experience in the ever changing world of business and finance

Mission – To instruct and enlighten our members on living and succeeding in that world

Board of Directors

M.U Wickramasiri – Managing Director

J.S Peiris -Director Production

H. Dissanayake -Director Marketing

M.A Nazam -Director Finance

E.L Deane -Director Human Resources

J.I Somaratna -Director Social Welfare

S.S Wanigasekara –Director Design


Pocket Calendars

Wrist Bands with College Colors

Trinity Rugby Sticker

Exercise Books with the College Crest

N.C.G Batch Caps

Executioners Batch T Shirt


In 2007 The Young Entrepreneurs Club of Trinity College Formed a Company Named Inertia Company

Vision – To Be the Best Company among the Best Junior Achievement Companies

Mission – To Earn Money While Gaining Experience

Board Of Directors

T.N Ching – Managing Director

R.C.B Abeyaratne – Director Finance

U.I.P Senaratne – Director Marketing

M.S.M Shafni – Director Production

D.T Ravishanka – Director Human Resources

W.M.G Wijetunga – Director Research & Development

S.T Paranagama – Company Secretary


School Bags With The College Crest

Wesak Cards

2008: n/a


Young Entrepreneurs of Trinity College formed Blazing Lions Company

Vision – Reach To the Top of Young Entrepreneurs Clubs In 2009

Mission – to Experience the real Business World through There Anticipated Talents and Skills While Implementing Young Entrepreneurs Clubs Business Plan

Company Logo



Board of Directors

The committee of 2009



Wrist Band with College Colors

Sweat Band with The College Crest

Talent Show (Blazing Eve of Sparkling Talents)

Young Entrepreneurs Club of 2010

Prepared by: Harshana Seneviratne

(Director Human Resources 2009)

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