Yomal Amunugama: a Concept Artist

Apr - 10 - 2011
T. Weerasooriya

Since this website is about bringing everything related to our school under a single place I would like to give the spotlight to a classmate of mine. He studied with me starting from the days we were small kids in the junior school up to the advance level class. Most of my batch mates didnt really get to know about the real Yomal until few a years back until he finally decided to show us about his talent. He is a silent guy but a fun guy to hangout with. When you need some help and his view on creativity you can count on this guy. I have been with him enough to publish this post. At first that was a couple of years back he had this secret scrapbook. He didn’t show it to everyone because he was a bit shy he only showed it to couple of his classmates. From what I could remember Nirmal Darmaratne was one of them.

They were best friends until Nirmal moved to USA. Nirmal knew about the sketches Yomal was drawing. This was before we sat for our G.C.E O/L exams. After the exams the we were in new classes with new classmates but about 3/4 of the class were as the same people we had while we were doing O/L. This was the time I got to know about Yomal because he was seated next to me. Even though I knew him since junior school I didn’t know about him that much and specially about his sketches. And one day I accidentally saw his sketch book after begging him to show it to me he showed me these mind blowing concept cars he had drawn. I am not talking about the usual sketches those boxes with two wheels but sketches as in real concept cars drawn by professionals. Just look at the picture I have attached below; you be the judge;



This is not the first sketch I saw this is something I found on his facebook page. He has drawn tons and tons of sketches but they look mind blowing after he had completed them. Completed as in fully colored sketches;


After I first saw his sketches two things came into my mind;

1. It would be pretty great to drive one of these cars someday. Cause I was impressed that I had already made plans to buy one of his designed cars one day.

2. Why don’t you send these to a car company? For the second question when I mentioned it to him he showed me a letter from Toyota. He had submitted one of his sketches sometime back to a contest held by Toyota and they have sent him a letter apologizing they cannot accept his entry because of some country restriction.

I felt really disappointed because these sketches are better than most of the cars around and they rejected him. He honestly wants to work on designing cars it’s his passion. But at the time of writing he haven’t got the opportunity to do so. He is the right guy and he belongs in the designing industry.He is the right guy and he belongs in the designing industry but no one has given him a chance to prove his skills.

You can find more sketches in his Facebook Profile : Link

Become a member in his Facebook Fan Page : Link

To contact Yomal : Email


Article Written By Tharindu Weerasooriya

Edited By Chatumal Perera and Nuwan Kamarangoda


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