Trinity College Vs. St. Anthony's College

Date / Time:
April 28th, 2012
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Nittawela Rugby Stadium

Half Time Scores:

TCK – 25
SACK – 05


Full Time Scores:

TCK – 54
SACK – 10


Try Scorers:

TCK – Ryle Madena, Thisila Karunathilake & Lochana Girihagama
SACK – Yakoob Ali



Trinity College Kandy marks a tremendous win in their second outing of the 2012 season. TCK dominated the match throughout with some strong offensive as well as defensive strategies. Trinity went on to break the SACK defensive line several times to place some remarkable tries. SACK fought well, but was only able to manage 2 unconverted tries by the close of play.


Photo Gallery:

Photographs by and Amandra Ratwatte (TCK Class of 2013)


Last Year’s Result:

Trinity won against St. Anthony’s College (10 – 03)


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