Sanura Vithana: I Believe

May - 1 - 2011
T. Weerasooriya

Sanura Pallegoda Vithana, a classmate of ours has taken a huge step in his musical career. Hestarted his journey singing with classmates during free periods followed by performing in various shows in college. He is best known for his performance of “apologize” among friends. That is just a brief history about his musical journey.

He released his first single “I believe” a few days ago. It would be phenomenal if we hear this song performed live onstage one day as he has the real talent to sing outside the studio.

It is said, “seek not to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.” So find your own reasons, find out about the world, and I hope that you can find your true self.
A song that will reach out to you. Enjoy.

Download the .mp3

Listen to the song on youtube

Please post your comments about this song as it would be a huge empowerment to him as a young old boy of the college.

Article Written by: T.Weerasooriya and G.Jayasinghe
Article Edited by: Y.Dahanayake


Verse 1:

I cannot alter the oceans I cannot alter the rains

I cannot open the closed eyes

but I m not afraid to sing what I believe


I turn back, I fight with reasons

make my heart to open deepest doors

I let go, and find my true self

the part of me that knows and feels the truth

Verse 2:

I cannot shine like the sunshine

I cannot replay the times

I cannot touch all the cold hearts

But I m not afraid to sing that I believe



Chorus x2:

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