Two of the powerhouses in school’s rugby circuit clashed for yet another time in a wearisome battle after the refreshing New Year vacation. Even though this match hasn’t turned out to be an inaugural fixture, these two institutions have consistently dished out some brilliant display of rugby. Presumably not the be all and end all for both schools, exorbitant incidents have made this encounter more than a school boy rugby match. Infact rugby enthusiasts all around the country were looking forward to witness some nail biting performances from this extravagant show.

Many thought it would turn out to be an absolute blockbuster, but at the end of the day it was an apathetic one sided domination as Trinity buried Kingswood in the Lion’s den 41 points to nothing. The score line itself reflects a terrific statement.

But building up to this game hype, expectation and pressure were sky high in the hills. It has certainly become the case since the inception of this enthralling battle. Once the founder of Kingswood College, a Trinitian Mr. L.E. Blaze asked the might of Trinity to get down from the ivory tower and play rugby with them. At the centenary match in 2006, the Trinitians were challenged with a replica of the traditional All blacks Haka prior to the game. Apparently this fictitious Mauri war dance displayed apathy in the then technical advisor of Trinity rugby team New Zealander Nigel Krone.

This year Kingswood took a new leaf by publicly making comments about the origin of Sri Lankan rugby. Things started hotting up after Kingwood coach stated “We want to remind Trinity that Kingswood started rugby in Sri Lanka” on a Sunday newspaper. Furthermore exciting and promising old Kingswoodian who plays a major role in Trinity’s coaching staff was a sufficient attribute to spread interesting rumors around the hill city. All these factors contributed to create an enthusiastic atmosphere for the exciting clash ahead.

But Monday afternoon clearly belonged to Trinity College. The Lions dominated every set piece and simply wrote the script of the entire game. Trinitians were calm and collective under pressure at this all important game in front of their home crowd. At the long whistle they ended up taking sweet revenge with complete ease. Kingswood College had some individual brilliance but did not put up a convincing team effort to convert marvels into points. This disheartening performance left lot to think about for Kingswood think-tank. The die hard fans of Kings Rugby would be expecting them to bounce back sooner than later. Trinity on the other hand will be eyeing on apex under inspiring Murad Ramzeen.

At the end of the day this was another rugby match with the eminent conclusion that only one team is victorious. Nevertheless there are uncertainties about origin of Sri Lankan school boy rugby. But one thing for certain that it’s a ruffian’s game played by gentlemen. Over the last century these two schools have produced legendary ruggerites for the betterment of the oval shape ball game in Sri Lanka. Winning and loosing is not what matters in the long run it’s grooming exceptional young men who could take Sri Lankan rugby to the next level is the order of the hour.

Article Written By – Choliya Bandara (2010 Senior Prefect of Trinity College)


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Published 13 years ago

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