Sajjad Hassan – Punishments Do Change Lives!

Jan - 29 - 2012
T. Weerasooriya

Sajjad Hassan is a talented Trinitian who started his musical journey during his days in the school. Even though his ambition before a strange punishment in grade 3 was to be a doctor, but his dreams changed drastically on that day. Everyone gets this punishment during their schooldays at least once, but for most of the people the punishment is quite different. Usually the punishment for repeatedly talking in the class is usually yelling or caning. But for some reason the teacher decided to ask Sajjad to sing a song  in front of the class. The teacher(Mr. Nirmala Herath) didnt know what was coming towards him by this grade 8 boy. Mr. Nirmala Herath advised Sajjad that he has the potential to be a musician. The teacher was in fact correct after more than a decade later Sajjad has gone onto becoming a successful musician.

He’s widely known by his hit single “Mata Kiyana nam epa” which received over 60,000 views on youtube. Sajjad released his first album in 1998 under the guidance of Mr. Nirmala Herath & Mr. Lafir Shaheed of Trinity College called “Kurulu Handin”. The album which was dedicated to children, education & culture got the attention of the master of Sri Lankan music pundit W.D. Amaradewa as he was the chief guest for the album launch. As a schoolboy Sajjad didnt miss a single chance to perform in public, as a school officer the situation didnt change he performed in Thrithva Ranga during his school life and was praised by the crowd for his talent. Also he is the proud owner of his own production house “SH Labs”.

“Mata kiyana nam epa”, a love ballad about losing his love. The lyrics for the track was by a renowned lyricist Nilar N Cassim. The track still is being enjoyed by millions around the globe the music video wasnt much different which debuted in 2007.It was also voted into the Top 30 out of 230 entrants at the Derana Music Video Awards 2008.

The music video is full of Trinitians from his batch and juniors same for his other music videos as well. The music video of “Mata Kiyana Nam epa” consists of  a love story which is quite enjoyable. Sajjad and the actress falls in love during a wedding as time passes it grows. As the journey through their life goes forward there comes a point there relationship moves forward to getting married. Sajjad pops the question in a restaurant and the girl says YES. After the encounter there is a scene they are going home and Sajjad jumping and shouting saying YES! YES!! Both looking at each other while moving away from each other while unknowingly a car coming behind the actress runs over her. And by a split second the happiness of Sajjad is taken away from him. Thats just part of the music video.  The music video attached below;

That was his entry in to the global music industry and the reason I came to know him in person. After the song Sajjad released couple more singles as well “Kadaliye”,”Gayala Wayala” & “Namo Namo Sri Lanka”. Recently he released another love ballad for valentines day to the radio stations.  Its called “Dase Welemin Bala” and compared to his first single its quite different. But the song is just something anyone can listen to without missing a beat.

Dase Welemin ma Pawsana Karana

Sithage Ethmin Ma Muhunana Karana

Henen Awidin Ma Muhunana Karana

Mage Adare Nodene Do Ma Miyena Thura

The music video for “Dase Welemin Bala” is attached below;


Sajjad further released  the Tamil version for “Dase Welemin Bala” called “”Kannil Kannil”. He also released a single called “Sihina Hora”.

Sajjad is taking risks doing experiments with every step of his life for the best. From his first performance in grade 8 he has managed to amaze the world by his talents. One question still remains, where is his debut album as a mainstream artist? It seems to be in production at the which is planned to be released within this year.

Keep up the good work brother. Respice Finem.

Punishments do change lives!

Article Written By Tharindu Weerasooriya


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