Special Events of the YEC

Mar - 25 - 2011
H. Seneviratne

Special Events Since 2004


TRI – UNITY Company

National Launch at Musaeus College Colombo 7

Following  Members Represented Trinity

  1. R.T Kiridena
  2. P.S Perera
  3. I. Maddumapatabendi
  4. T. N Mohomed


Leadership Training Of School Company Officials

Date – 1st , 2nd and 3rd October 2004

Venue – National Institute Of Education, Maharagama

Seven Members Along With the Assistant MIC Mr. Ruwan Jayaratne represented Trinity

  1. R.T Kiridena
  2. D.P Gunathilake
  3. C.S AlahaKoon
  4. I.M Kulasinghe
  5. D.P Gunathilake
  6. A.E Goonawardene
  7. T.E Alahakoon


Annual Awards Ceremony

Venue –  BMICH

30 Members Represented Trinity along with Mr. Ruwan Jayaratne

  1. R.T Kiridena
  2. D.P Gunathilake
  3. C.S Alahakoon
  4. I.M Kulasinghe
  5. R. Kumaravel
  6. B.N.R Fernando
  7. J.R.A.R Ranathunga
  8. S.A.N Ching
  9. Y.N Ching
  10. P. Pitawala
  11. P.S Perera
  12. D.J Jayathissa
  13. A.E Goonawaredene
  14. D.P Gunathilake
  15. T.E Alahakoon

The Company Received TWO AWARDS at this Ceremony

1. Merit Award – TRI- UNITY Company

2. Out Standing  Leadership (runner up) – R.T Kiridena



National Launch at St Joseph’s College  Colombo 10

Seven Members Represented Trinity

  1. A.E Goonewardene
  2. D.P Gunathilake
  3. D.U Seneviratne
  4. T.E Alahakoon
  5. A. Mawsoof
  6. M.U Wickramasiri
  7. S. Peiris


Leadership Training of School Company Officials

Date – 16th 17th and 18th of October  2005

Venue National Institute Of Education Maharagama

Twelve Members Represented Trinity Along With  The MIC Mr. Ruwan Jayaratne

  1. A.E  Goonewardane
  2. D.P  Gunathilake
  3. T.E  Alahakoon
  4. D.U Seneviratne
  5. I.D   Vidanagamage
  6. A.S  Kapukotuwa
  7. S.U  Mendis
  8. A. Mowsoof
  9. T.K.J  Senanayake
  10. M.U Wickramasiri
  11. Y.R.H Kodituwakku
  12. M.A  Nazam


Annual  Awards Ceremony

Date – 31st October 2005

Venue – BMICH

The Company Received  Four Merit Awards

  1. Merit Award  : Completing  The Programme  – TRI – LINE Co
  2. Merit Award  : Best Company President         – A.E Goonethilake
  3. Merit Award  : Most Enthusiastic MIC             – Mr. R.N Jayaratne
  4. Merit Award  : Most Supportive Principal       – Mr. R.L Gilbert



2006 Was Successful Year For The Young Entrepreneurs Club  .  In That Year Young Entrepreneurs Of Trinity Launched a Blood Drive As There Social Service Project This Was The First Time That a Company Organized Such A Event And It Was a Huge Success

Annual Award Ceremony

Date    – 24th October

Venue –  BMICH

The Company Received FOUR  AWARDS At This Ceremony

  1. Best Corporate Identity – 2nd Runner Up
  2. Best Public Relations      –  2nd Runner Up
  3. Most Outstanding Performance In Marketing – J.S Peiris
  4. Best School  Responsibility Project – 2nd Runner up



Blazing Lions Company

Annual Award Ceremony  2008

Date    – 6th January 2009

Venue – BMICH

10 Members Represented Trinity

  1. T.C Aluwihare
  2. H.Seneviratne
  3. S.Meegahawatthe
  4. M.H.M Husni
  5. D.M Fernando
  6. N. Nazoordeen
  7. I.S.Bandara
  8. S.Wickramasooriya
  9. M.Sarathchandra
  10. K.Chandrasiri


Training Program

Date     – 28th May 2009

Venue  –  Kandy Girls High School

12 Members Represented Trinity

  1. T.C Aluwihare
  2. H.Seneviratne
  3. S.Meegahawtthe
  4. M.H.M Husni
  5. R.Seneviratne
  6. M.Kumuthan
  7. N.Nazoordeen
  8. A.K Hitige
  9. D.M Fernando
  10. D.R Abesinghe
  11. A.A Zaman
  12. P.Srishanker


Regional Launch

Date – 12th June 2009

Venue – Kandy Girls’ High School

16 Members Represented Trinity

  1. T.C Aluwihare
  2. H.Seneviratne
  3. S.Meegahawtthe
  4. M.H.M Husni
  5. R.Seneviratne
  6. M.Kumuthan
  7. N.Nazoordeen
  8. A.K Hitige
  9. M.Bandara
  10. D.M Fernando
  11. D.R Abesinghe
  12. A.A Zaman
  13. P.Srishanker
  14. S.Liyanage
  15. I.Ibrahim
  16. M.Abeyratne


Blazing Eve Of Sparkling Talents 2009

Organized By The Young Entrepreneurs Club Of Trinity College

Date – 19th June 2009

Venue -Trinity College Main Hall

As we had a healthy profit of our products we were able to create history to our club by organising a talent show. This was the first talent show organized by a Young Entrepreneurs Company of Trinity College. We had launched the product to all Trinitians and the response was immense. We were able to get the tickets sold to our competing companies too. There were various entertainment items which were performed in front of our Chief Guest Mr. Anuruddha Ratwatthe (Former Parliament Minister), Principal Brgd.Udaya  Aryaratne, members of the staff, students and our competitors’  target market).

CSR  Project

We donated a Web Cam to rural School’s IT Center . We were praised and acknowledged for our donation by the school children

Our second Project was distributing 50 lunch packets to the needy . The donation was monitored by the Board Of Directors .

The Company Received Nine Awards

  1. Outstanding Entrepreneur Boy of The Year                              – M. Kumuthan
  2. Spirit Of Entrepreneurship Gold Award                                          –  T.C. Aluwihare
  3. Best Annual Report  Of The Year                                                        –  Gold Award
  4. Special Award   Public Relations  Gold Award                              -M. Kumuthan
  5. Logo Of The Year  (Regional )                                                               – Gold Award
  6. Company Of The Year ( Regional)                                                     – Gold Award
  7. Finance Director Of The Year Silver Award( Regional )          – R. Seneviratne
  8. Annual  Report Of The Year ( Regional )                                        – Gold Award
  9. Special  Award Public  Relations Gold Award ( Regional )     – M. Kumuthan


The Young  Entrepreneurs of Trinity College  won 4 National and 3 Regional awards  and M. Kumuthan won the most outstanding entrepreneur boy of the year. This is the first time that a student from Trinity and Kandy won this award.

We received lot of help to grow our company towards success. I would like to mention Mr. R. Jayaratne our M.I.C Who helped us throughout our activities . And we would like to thank all of those who helped us to a successful and enjoyable year of Young Entrepreneurship .

Prepared by: Harshana Seneviratne

(Director Human Resources 2009)

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