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Thrithva Ranga ’10 Roars In The Hills

Thrithva Ranga is the annual talent show organized and performed by the School Officers’ Guild of Trinity College, Kandy. It is a show combining all forms of entertainment: drama, songs, dances, skits… you name it. It’s all there. A show with the likes of Thrithva Ranga 2010, staged on 19th November at the Trinity College Main Hall, has perhaps never before been witnessed in Kandy. The Hall was completely packed  [ Read More ]

College Song

      It’s good to see the School we knew, The land of youth and dream, To greet again the rule we knew, Before we took the stream; Though long we’ve missed the sight of her, Our hearts may not forget; We’ve lost the old delight of her, We keep her honor yet.     The stars and sounding vanities, That half the crowd bewitch, what are they but  [ Read More ]

College Hymn

  1.   Where river, lake and mountain meet, Our boyhood’s home surrounding, A path behold for youthful feet, The path of life abounding; Still up it climbs by cliff and crag, The mount of truth ascending, Though oft thereon the pilgrim flag, It leads to life unending.   2.   Oh life is good, both here and now, And good will be hereafter; Brave boyhood’s unbeclouded brow, Pure eye  [ Read More ]

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