Harvard Visits Trinity

Jan - 22 - 2013
D.C. Bandara

A group of students from Harvard University visited Trinity College on the 15th of January 2013 as a part of their plan to assist Educate Lanka Foundation to broaden its philosophy.

The Senior Prefect, Ryle Madena being interviewed.

The Senior Prefect, Ryle Madena being interviewed.

The 15 students from the Graduate School of Education interviewed the Principal, Senior Prefect Ryle Madena and few students in order to gather information for their study.  They were inquisitive in knowing the secrets behind the success of the alumni and it was concluded that the all-round education offered at Trinity is one of the main reasons behind the quality of its products. Instances were taken from personalities such as Kumar Sangakkara – a great sportsman whilst being an articulate orator and Lakshman Kadirgamar – a legendary statesman also an outstanding sportsman.

Harvard which is currently ranked as the world’s best university in rankings is funded by numerous donations of their alumni. Especially a number of scholarships are offered to promising students around the globe through its system. In parallel to this, the scholarship and concession structure at Trinity College which even offers the capability for a gardener or a bus driver who’s attached to college to educate his son with the elite of society was highly commended by the visitors.


Their research work preliminarily focused on two extremes of Sri Lankan education; encapsulating the government school system in the tea plantations and the facilities of Trinity College. Educate Lanka Foundation which is the brainchild of Trinitian Manjula Dissanayake is expecting to use the resolutions of this study to expand its concept of scholarship to the underprivileged tea plantation community. Manjula’s work has been extremely commendable in this regard since he launched the foundation in 2007. From its inception he has been able to fund nearly 5000 scholarship holders mainly in the rural areas of the country. It is interesting to gather that under Educate Lanka’s campaign, three students from Royal College Colombo received the luxury of a monthly scholarship.


Manjula who has worked at the prestigious World Bank has sacrificed his professional ambitions to pursue in his dream to uplift Sri Lankan education for the ultimate betterment of the country. He has won a number of accolades in the United States and now he is fully involved in the work of his foundation.

Article Written By – Dakshitha Choliya Bandara (2010 Senior Prefect of Trinity College)

Special Credit goes out to Manjula Dissanayake from Educate Lanka Foundation

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