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The crowd cheering wildly.. A guild of students with talents galore.. Embellishment of the hall within prestigious walls.. Indeed, this is THRITHVA RANGA.  Three decades have passed since the inception of “Ranga Saba” which ultimately led to Thrithva Ranga. And yet, this annual event still manages to stand out as a unique extravagant night filled with sheer talent by the School Officers’ Guild (SOG) of Trinity College Kandy. December 4th  [ Read More ]

Sajjad Hassan is a talented Trinitian who started his musical journey during his days in the school. Even though his ambition before a strange punishment in grade 3 was to be a doctor, but his dreams changed drastically on that day. Everyone gets this punishment during their schooldays at least once, but for most of the people the punishment is quite different. Usually the punishment for repeatedly talking in the  [ Read More ]

Ever since I first went for the school show of Thrithva Ranga, way back when I was in Grade 8 (2004), it has become an annual event in my calendar along with the Bradby Shield. In the Thrithva Ranga held way back in 2004, I can remember there was something to do with army soldiers climbing down from the top of the hall to kidnap the president. Even though I  [ Read More ]

“One life. Live it and make a difference” Extracted from the 2010 Thrithva Ranga Magazine: It has been 2 years since we, the School Officers of the class of 2008 performed our “TR”, and the mere memory of the events that lead to it brings back memories so fond and dear to our hearts. What Thrithva Ranga was to us was more than just a show. It was the episode  [ Read More ]

Thrithva Ranga ’10 Roars In The Hills

Thrithva Ranga is the annual talent show organized and performed by the School Officers’ Guild of Trinity College, Kandy. It is a show combining all forms of entertainment: drama, songs, dances, skits… you name it. It’s all there. A show with the likes of Thrithva Ranga 2010, staged on 19th November at the Trinity College Main Hall, has perhaps never before been witnessed in Kandy. The Hall was completely packed  [ Read More ]

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