Trinity – Royal Tap Rugby 7’s : Brace Yourselves!

Dec - 4 - 2012
Trinity Interact

Amidst all the attention which the apocalypse of the world has been getting, this piece of writing, rest assured reader, is on a rather lighter, happier and infinitely more ecstatic note. For those of us who have had the pleasure of passing through the very few college gates here in our country where history and traditions are sources of inspiration, this note bears a deeper message.

The roots of rugby football are entwined to the traditions of the two great schools of Trinity College Kandy and Royal College Colombo. It is with no hesitance that I state the fact that rugby football, here in Sri Lanka gets defined, and redefined every single year by the two prestigious schools mentioned above. From the dusty boundaries of the junior grounds, to the limelit arenas of inter-school rugby, the obsession, the infatuation and the sheer passion which the sport draws on every kid who had the opportunity to pass through these gates is simply overwhelming.

And now, I speak to you directly, fan of rugby or whoever who stumbled upon this article, the unbearable pause to see and of course, feel the excitement and exhilaration of rugby is finally over. This December, The Interact Clubs of Trinity College Kandy and Royal College Colombo would break ground to present the annual Royal-Trinity Tap 7’s tournament, as never seen, heard or felt before.

The tournament is configured in a league format, featuring exhibition games and also games for spectators. The event is also expected to draw a massive turnout as it would feature leading radio stations and DJ’s within the country.

The contest is organized to be nothing less than the most amazing Tap 7’s contest that you’re ever likely to see  (before the apocalypse). 3 days filled with ear-splitting music, blinding lights, food for any and all and most importantly, the passion and the cheer of rugby comes to you this time of the year.

There is never a day where Tap-Rugby is not the center attention of the school grounds, and it’s about time the true potential and promise of this game is brought to light. Brace yourselves; Tap 7’s is definitely coming.

Tap 7’s Itinerary – Day 01

DATE: 08th December 2012 (Kandy Preliminaries)

TIME: 9.00 AM Onwards

VENUE: Asgiriya Stadium, Kandy

For more information: Facebook Event Page

Article Written By Clifford Issac 

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