‘Tap Me If You Can’ a day of touch rugby and more fun organised by the ‘Batch of 2002’ was indeed a successful event for the fourth consecutive year. The tournament was held at CR & FC grounds on 18th November. This is being played in memorial of Kaushal Warapitiya, Gihan Bulumulla and Neville Mihiraj from the batch of 2002.

This year, the batch of 2009 emerged champs and 2011 runners-up. ‘The best player’ was awarded to Surendra Alwis who scored four tries in the final. Top scorer Dilshan Kelaniyagoda scored 7 tries. Proceeds from this event will be utilized to refurbish the College Athletics room as it is a requirement for the college at the moment.


The batch of 2002 has been organizing this event for the last three years helping Trinity College in many ways; especially for Rugby as most of the Ruggerites who represented the College Team in 2002 have taken the initiative to pay gratitude to the best school of all. Their hard work to help Trinity is truly appreciated.

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Article Written By Asif Ainaff

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Published 5 years ago by Asif Ainaff

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