In 2005 a world bank report highlighted the need to create a demand driven education system that focuses on lifelong learning and will determine the country’s capacity to embrace the benefits of a knowledge economy.
Aligning to these needs, Trinity College Kandy has also invested on enhancing the facilities provided to cater to the new need states of the students. However as private schools are not privy to government funding the requisite expenditure has proved to be a major burden to the school. The onus has therefore fallen on the past pupils of the school to support their alma mater. The TCK Class of ’87 has in this instance come forward to invest on a state-of-the-art Information Technology Resource Center for the school.

The ITRC was inaugurated on February 29h, 2012 with the participation of members from the Class of ’87, the Chairman of the Board of Governors Bishop Francis, the Acting Principal Brig. U. Ariyaratne, Staff Members, and many other attendees. The new Resource Center has been equipped with interactive teaching technologies which enable the live transfer of the teacher’s presentation, and even hand written notes on the e-board to the students’ workstations. Furthermore, the teacher has visibility of all the students’ screens which enables the teacher to see the students progress as he/she teaches. The 45 student facility has taken due concern to ergonomics and has hence been creatively designed to induce a learning environment. All computers are equipped with 18″ inch monitors and state of the art specifications to perform high end tasks. The ITRC is also equipped with a brand new projector which enables the lecturers to display presentations and classwork to the seated students. In addition, the pathway and the surrounding area to the ITRC was redecorated as well.


Below are images from the inauguration of the ITRC.

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