Trinity Rugby Carnival 2012

Feb - 24 - 2012
Ravi Ladduwahetty

Its Rugby time again. The favorite pastime of Trinitians young and old!!!
Lions from all age groups, from clubs to the dominant males will ruck and maul and revel in the mud in a game they love!!!

Kickoff is at 11.00 am at the Lion’s den in Pallekelle. Trinity will showcase 250 Ruggerites through the day.

A prelude to the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ at 3.30 pm, will be the Touch Rugby (and only touch) game for the over 40s…. yeah life begins at 40… .. naughty and still going.

4.45 pm sharp. Low and behold…. the ageing Lions take on the emerging pride of Trinity!!!! Be there to witness the spills and thrills, with mighty hits, which is sure to give rise to the “stars and sounding vanities”!!!

The Den will have food and beverage stalls with the other lion that chills…. the lion lager!!!!

11.00am under 10 (10 min per half)
11.25am under 12 A vs Vidyartha A (10 min per half) & under 12 B vs Vidyartha B (10 min per half)
11.50am under 14A vs Maliyadeva and 14B vs Vidyartha (10 min per half)
12.20pm under 16 vs Vidyartha (20 min per half)
01.15pm 2nd XV vs St Sylvester’s 1st XV (25 min per half)
02.20pm under 18 vs Maliyadeva 1st XV (30 min per half)
03.30pm Kandy OBA vs Colombo OBA over 30 Touch Rugby (10 min per half)
03.55pm Rippa Rugby 6 Teams 3 Games (7 min per half)
04.15pm to 04.35pm Drum and Dance Troupe/ College Band
04.40pm School Song/ Team introduction
04.45pm Traditional OBA Vs Present Boys game
07.00pm onwards fellowship at OTSC

“It’s good to see the school we knew, the land of youth and dream”….. and so, be there to reminisce of lighter times and fond memories by the green, green grass of home, while the chilling Lions prowl and play on the 25th of February!!!!

See you then……. See you there!!!
– Team Scrummage

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