Yes, once again, Kumar Sangakkara is back here on the pages of the Trinity College Worldwide Website. Although this piece of news is quite “Off Season”, it is nonetheless inspiring. During the last moments of the Cricket World Cup Finals, the BBC captured-this shot of the Sri Lankan Captain about which they said the following :

Just seconds after India won the world cup final, Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara watches the Indian batsmen Singh and Dhoni celebrate their victory. Notice Sangakkara is smiling even in defeat. A great example of good sportsmanship.

It is important to note that this was captured during a moment when Kumar was probably unaware that he was being photographed. It is indeed amazing to see even then, after such a disappointing defeat coupled with the momentary frustration, our captain is able to smile and genuinely be happy for his rivals. It is in such rare situations that Trinity’s best comes out, not just in the face of Sri Lanka but in the face of the whole world.

These are a few comments from some Indian sources about Sangakkara and the Sri Lankan team as a whole:

World-renown Sports Writer Kamran Abbasi states: “Commiserations to Sri Lanka fans. You have the most humble and most gracious team in world cricket. You should be proud of their achievement.”

Lankan people displayed grace and warmth in the face of a defeat. With amazing grace, unseen elsewhere in the sub-continent following a defeat, the crowd cheered its cricketers. No apology was expected of the Sri Lankan captain in a country that treats it’s cricketers with dignity – The Hindu

"True Sportsmanship"


Rahul Advani says – “Well done Sangakkara. Despite being an Indian supporter I admire your dignity. You were very gracious in defeat. Sad to see the end of Murali’s career but I’m glad that our cricketing legend has achieved everything.”

Ranjit Sidhu says – “I’m Indian but I admire Sangakkara. The man was very well spoken and extremely humble. Sri lanka can be very proud of their performance, and I hope we have another great battle in the 2015 world cup in Australia! Pure class from a great player. Few sportsmen make a congratulatory speech such as Kumar”

Kumar Sangakkara’s words at the end of the match:

“Very proud οf everyone, especially Mahela whο rose up tο thе occasion аnԁ рƖасеd up a fаntаѕtіс hundred. Whеn уου look аt thіѕ Indian team anything less thаn 350 looks less! Thеу deserved thіѕ title, thе way thеу played іn front οf a fаntаѕtіс crowd. Both Sri Lanka аnԁ India wіƖƖ bе proud wіth thе way thеу hаνе played. Thanks tο Sri Lankan fans. Congrats India, уου wеrе thе better side today. Thе οnƖу way tο ѕtοр India іѕ tο ɡеt atleast 7 wickets. Gautam wаѕ outstanding аnԁ Dhoni stepped up аnԁ performed.”

In a world where winning is everything and selfish attitudes and corruption have slipped inside the World of Sports, this truly is a remarkable example to all of us Trinitians and everyone else in the world on how to keep your integrity intact even during the face of difficult circumstances. Because, “People may not remember a win (since there are so many), but they will remember a player who walked out of the field even though the umpire’s decision read: “Not Out”!


Kumar Sangakkara’s interview after the  2011 World Cup Final :


Article written by : Darren Madasekera

Article sources : The BBC, Getty Images and The Hindu

Special thanks goes to Mr. Lasantha Tennekoon

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