“One life. Live it and make a difference”

Extracted from the 2010 Thrithva Ranga Magazine:

It has been 2 years since we, the School Officers of the class of 2008 performed our “TR”, and the mere memory of the events that lead to it brings back memories so fond and dear to our hearts. What Thrithva Ranga was to us was more than just a show. It was the episode that marked our transition from the hallowed halls of Trinity to the world yonder. So let me for once deliberate on that transition and what I learnt throught that shift, rather than talk about the fresh reminiscences of the escapades (both legal and illegal) we had. Let those amusing memoirs be conversed many years from now when we would have grown too old for reprimand.

One of the most favorite quotes I have used throughout my career at Trinity was one by Derrick Aluwihare, which goes to say that “A Trinity education is what a Trinitian learns when he is not at class”. At times I wonder whether my life would have been the same had my parents decided to send me to another school. The absolute truth is “yes it would definitely have been much different”. Why so? Because, I would not have met the fabulous people I met at Trinity, both my friends and teachers, and I would not have had the same absolute experiences I underwent. In that regard I consider myself very fortunate and am indeed grateful to my parents. Thus if you are a current Trinitian reading this article, consider yourselves very privileged and do thank your parents for giving you such an opportunity.

But therein lies the most important fact that I would like to talk about. How many of us take advantage of every single opportunity that comes our way? A majority of us tend to overlook the magnificent opportunities that we come across in our day to day lives. And it is not until those opportunities are long gone that we come to realize the value of what we missed. I believe that life is about living the moment. Before your eyes today would take place a great entertainment extravaganza. You would enjoy the moments of humor, the moments of thrill and the moments of lovely music. Our life is a string of such moments, some of which we would hold dear in our hearts until we die, and others we would rather forget. Every day, we live an infinite number of moments. What is subtle is the fact that such moments are what define careers you would encounter numerous moments that would give rise to numerous emotions. But the essence of those moments would be of value only if you gather the most out of them.

Just take a moment to appreciate the things that you have taken for granted. Have you ever considered the possibility that you would part ways with your beloved friends around you once you leave school; and that you might never get the opportunity of seeing them for years in a row? Have you thought of the fact that you might never again in your life get an opportunity to play a sport for your school; or to study the great works of Wickramasinghe, Shakespeare or Newton under the roofs of Mother Trinity? Have you even faintly considered the reality that, in a few years’ time, you will never again wear that school uniform ever again? The harsh reality my friends is that what you take for granted today would be light years apart tomorrow. Hence my solemn request is to grasp every single moment in it’s entirety.

What do I exactly mean one could ask? Well, as a Trinitian you would be privileged and presented with moments quite unique and extraordinary; some of them wouldn’t be as pleasant as the others but yet would all carry a meaning far more treasured than you could imagine. What’s important is that you grasp such oppurtunities using your fullest ability. Looking back at my carreer I have no major repents. But I can honestly say that there were many opportunities and moments that I did not take advantage of. And for some paid the price dearly. These many opportunities won’t come your way if you just come to school mundanely in the morning and leave as soon as the “last bell” has been rung. You need to explore the resources that are around you and trust me Trinity has a plethora of such. Some of you might be afraid of all that is around you at this great instituition and would rather prefer not to engage in anything outside the realm of your academia. But to those I have to say that a ship at harbour is safe but that’s not what ships are meant for. Hence branch out and try diverse activities at school that shall make your experience motley of moments.

These moments I talk of shall do two very important things to you. One, they will create wonderfull memories inside of you; memories you shall talk about for years to come. And secondly they shall teach you lessons for life. So do take advantage of every opportunity and moment that comes your way or I can be you would look back and repent someday. Grab every moment, because as Eminem says in his song Lose Yourself, “opportunity comes once in a lifetime”.

That said, ladies and gentlemen, tonight you would witness another edition of one of the greatest shows in Kandy. These young lads have put down an unparalled amount of time, energy and zeal to put up this classy act. While remembering all my fellow School Officers and classmates from the class of 2008, let me convey my heartiest wishes to the Senior Prefect, Prefects, and Monitors on achieving and brining into reality another edition of Thrithva Ranga. Brace yourselves, enjoy the night and live the moment.

Respice Finem.

– Heshika Deegahawathura (Trinity College Senior Prefect ’08, Yale University ’14)

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