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Sanura Vithana: I Believe

Sanura Pallegoda Vithana, a classmate of ours has taken a huge step in his musical career. Hestarted his journey singing with classmates during free periods followed by performing in various shows in college. He is best known for his performance of “apologize” among friends. That is just a brief history about his musical journey. He released his first single “I believe” a few days ago. It would be phenomenal if  [ Read More ]

Global Old Boys Fundraising drive on behalf of the Scrummage When: May 1 – 15 Where: Worldwide Objective: Raise 1 Million Rupees or $10,000 USD Cause: Establish a framework to develop Junior rugby at TCK/Sponsor our U. 14 team to begin with All we need is 500 Trinitians to donate $20 towards this cause to reach our objective. Let’s get behind the Scrummage and work together to bring Trinity Rugby  [ Read More ]

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