College Song

Mar - 13 - 2011
Sir Henry Newbolt




It’s good to see the School we knew,
The land of youth and dream,
To greet again the rule we knew,
Before we took the stream;
Though long we’ve missed the sight of her,
Our hearts may not forget;
We’ve lost the old delight of her,
We keep her honor yet.



The stars and sounding vanities,
That half the crowd bewitch,
what are they but inanities,
To him that treads the pitch?
And where’s the wealth, I’m wondering,
Could buy the cheers that roll,
When the last charge goes thundering,
Towards the twilight goal.



The men that tanned the hide of us,
Our daily foes and friends,
They shall not loose their pride of us,
However the journey ends.
Their voice to us who sing of it,
No more its message bears,
But the round world shall ring of it,
And all we are be theirs.



To speak of fame a venture is,
There’s little here can bide,
But we may face the centuries,
And dare the deepening tide;
For though the dust that’s a part of us,
To dust again be gone,
Yet here shall beat the heart of us,
The School we handed on.



We will honour yet the School we knew,
The best school of all;
We will honour yet the rule we knew,
Till the last bell call.
For working days or holidays.
And glad or melancholy days,
They were great days and jolly days,
At the best School of all.


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Published 13 years ago

Posted in History

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